syz·y·gy  \ ˈsi-zə-jē \

            SYZYGYproductions is a theatrical production company specializing in high quality aerial acrobatics and circus arts featuring performances by nationally recognized artists. We’ve gathered the most talented artists, musicians, and crew to produce fantastic staging, lighting, costumes, and makeup enhancing our performances and entrancing our audience.

            SYZYGY is defined as an uncommon straight-line arrangement of celestial bodies, and portends good will, good feelings, and good fortune.  “Your stars are aligned” is a metaphor for rare good luck.  Because of its rarity, extraordinary efforts are made to experience SYZYGYproductions much like crowds flocking to the path of the solar eclipse to celebrate the perfect alignment of the sun, and the moon, and the earth.

            Amidst these turbulent times, SYZYGYproductions circus arts and aerial performances represent the alignment of the physical energy and artistic talents in our world to foster good feelings and good will.